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Discover the miracle stone used in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia. Its effect on relaxing facial muscles and overall skin rejuvenation is truly breathtaking.



During our treatments, we use hand-made GUASHA stone composed of 100% natural pink quartz crystals. Quartz crystal, among other things, awakens emotion and femininity and is considered a stone of love.


Guasha is a miracle stone used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are points on the face that connect the entire organ system of the body. Guasha massage is therefore not only beneficial for the face, but is healing for the whole human body. Guasha treatment perfectly relaxes contracted facial muscles, related to daily stress and emotional tension. During the massage, these muscles are gradually relaxed, which results in softening of expression and improvement of skin elasticity. Thanks to this, regular Guasha stone massages can effectively replace invasive facelift operations on the face.


Other visible benefits of Guasha treatments include:

- more firm the skin

- elimination of wrinkles

- increase in blood circulation and "radiance" face effect

- flow of energy on the face and in the whole body

- removal of toxins in the body

- firming the contours of the face

- elimination of circles under the eyes and red veins


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