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The Face Concept team consists of trained professionals and passionate non-invasive skincare enthusiasts with many years of experience in the world of dermatology and cosmetics, who are constantly learning and following the latest studies and methods of rejuvenation.

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Pavlína Němcová is the founder of The Face Concept and during her modeling career she has encountered many methods of skin care. Despite the pressure of the beauty industry, however, she has always intuitively leaned towards more natural methods of maintaining her youthful appearance. In Paris, she finally discovered a revolutionary method of non-invasive lifting, which fascinated her so much that she decided to bring it also to the Czech Republic.


With the entire team of The Face Concept, she underwent a comprehensive training in Sculpture and Buccal Massage in Milan, which is now available in our country for the first time! Nevertheless, with the entire team of The Face Concept, she continues to educate herself in the latest methods, attends new seminars and training and constantly follows innovations in the field of the most effective methods of natural and non-invasive skincare.


"I come from Prague and since childhood I have been interested in everything beautiful and fragrant. I am from an art family, so I went to study the art field of ceramics. Through clay and art, I gradually got to scents, massages and skin care. Already at school I started studying cosmetics and continued to do massages and aromatherapy. Thanks to that, I learned to better perceive the connection between body and soul. My own health complications then inspired me to focus more on the area of problematic skin associated with internal organs. I have confirmed to myself that the psyche and physical health are really very closely connected. As part of my profession, I worked for 5 years in the luxurious Spa Hotel Emblem, then at the Orlane Institute and I also collaborated on TV Nova castings.


When I received an offer to work with The Face Concept, I was thrilled not only with the studio's philosophy, but also with the lifting techniques focusing on the facial muscles. In my work, I have the opportunity to capitalize on my years of experience in both cosmetics and massage. I can confirm that everything in the body is related to everything and a healthy and relaxed client is always beautiful. That is why I always try to help my clients both internally and with our amazing treatments such as lifting massages."


"My name is Iva. I come from the historic town of Stará Boleslav. We have been growing all sorts of plants at home since I was a child :-) Organic home-grown vegetables gradually led me to become a vegetarian and continue my education in the field of healthy nutrition, which is also related to the beauty of my skin and at the same time it is my hobby.


As a child, I wanted to study cosmetics and everything connected with it. I fulfilled my dream and graduated from high school as a beautician and continued to deepen my education with other specializations and a massage school. I worked as a wellness therapist and beautician for seven years in a luxury hotel in the centre of Prague, and when I received an offer to become part of The FACE CONCEPT team, I did not hesitate for a second. The whole philosophy of this studio is beautiful, meaningful, and when I saw with my own eyes the effects of the amazing Royal Ritual, I was convinced for a second that this is exactly the path I want to take. I like to educate myself and say that beauty comes from within and that you need to take care of yourself both from the outside and from the inside.


In my profession, I love connecting and feeling with the human soul and it is in the Face Concept and their amazing natural methods of rejuvenation that I have the best application in my passion. Thank you for this opportunity."


"My name is Karolina.

I am a nurse specializing in intensive care and cardiology.

Being a part of the lovely team at The Face Concept was an opportunity that I gladly accepted.

At first glance, these two professions are far apart, but I have a similar motivation for both, the opportunity to help people.

I approach each one individually.

The greatest reward for me is when the client leaves satisfied and with a smile on her face."

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