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The Face Concept was born out of a passion and desire for the most beautiful and naturally youthful face without needles and scalpels. A beautiful youthful-looking face is the choice and we are here to offer you a simple but very effective alternative to botox and injections.


The pillar of our methods is working with facial muscles in combination with other natural types of skin care, which support the natural lifting of the face and keep the skin fresh and healthy for a long time. Everyone regularly exercises their muscles on the body, but the muscles on the face, extremely important for the overall appearance of the face, are forgotten. In our studio, we combine the best proven treatments to restore a youthful appearance of the face and help slow down aging.The Face Concept is, among other things, the first and only Czech certified studio that offers the world-famous method of Sculptural Face Lifting and Buccal massage. Our treatments are not only internationally recognized and verified, but also tested by us and our regular clients.



Our Vision


The long-term vision of The Face Concept is to show women and men of all ages that you can look beautiful and youthful even without invasive treatments, botox or surgery. Our goal is to inspire clients to learn more about the anatomy and needs of their own skin and take care of it tenderly, patiently and with love. No unnecessary cuts or punctures.


Through The Face Concept, we want to show that even completely natural methods in skin care really work

and they are actually the only sustainable way to maintain youthful and healthy skin even in later life. We want to give women and men the confidence to go this route and rediscover their natural beauty.






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