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White Sands


Discover what's new in the world of cosmetic devices. Our unique device combines progressive techniques of non-invasive mesotherapy and gas-liquid peeling to achieve visible results with a longer effect. 


Jet peeling and non-invasive (transdermal) introduction of biologically active substances of mesococktails into the deeper layers of the skin activates and stimulates the renewal of elastin, collagen fibers and the internal structure of the skin down to the cellular level - all this without injection, damage to the skin and pain!

Pleť je rozzářená, vláčná, svěží, vrásky se vypínají, kontury obličeje se zvedají.

The unique device of non-invasive painless mesotherapy and gas-liquid peeling is a novelty on the market of cosmetic devices. The combination of two progressive techniques - non-invasive mesotherapy based on the principle of high-pressure air needle and gas-liquid peeling, significantly increases the effectiveness of the treatment and enables the achievement of an immediate result with a prolonged effect. Precisely because of its effectiveness, this  treatment  is very popular among the world beauties, such as Irina Shayk.

The high air pressure breaks through the skin barrier and works the effective serum into the deepest layer of the skin.
A big advantage of the treatment is also intensive oxygenation of the skin at all levels of the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

Basic effects of air mesotherapy and gas-liquid peeling:
- Visible improvement in skin condition
- Significant reduction of wrinkles
- Deep hydration of the skin
- Increase in tissue and muscle tone
- Equalization of skin color, tone and texture
- Prevention of the manifestations of changes related to aging
- Lymphatic drainage effect
- Lightening and fading of pigment spots
- Fighting all types of acne - of bacterial and hormonal origin
- Tissue saturation with purified oxygen

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